Underemployed means you are not currently connected to a full-time job that pays at the same level of your education, skills, or wage and/or salary earned previously, or you have obtained only episodic, short-term, or part-time employment.

Career ConneCT


Career ConneCT

Get the skills and training needed for high-demand, high-quality careers right here in Connecticut.


Get the skills and training you need to start an in-demand career!

Career ConneCT is for everyone. Whether you’re looking to get back into the workforce, advance your career, start a new career, or get your first job. Career ConneCT offers skilling, reskilling, and upskilling in growing industries. Depending upon your needs and interests, you can participate in certificate training programs and earn industry-recognized credentials in as little as 4 to 24 weeks and get connected to employers ready to hire you right away!

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Be part of Connecticut's growing industries!

Green Technology and Environmental Services: Connecticut has been emphasizing sustainability and environmental conservation, leading to growth in green technology and environmental services companies. There have also been more investments in renewable energy initiatives and growth in solar, wind, and other sustainable energy projects.
Healthcare and Life Sciences: Connecticut is home to various healthcare institutions, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical firms. With the aging population and advancements in medical technology, the healthcare and life sciences sector has been expanding.
Information Technology: With the increasing reliance on technology in various industries, Connecticut has seen growth in IT services, software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics.
Transportation (CDL): Connecticut, like many other states, relies heavily on trucking and transportation to move goods and materials. As a result, there is a continuous demand for CDL drivers in the state.
Infrastructure Construction: Infrastructure construction projects in Connecticut are often funded through a combination of federal, state, and local government sources, as well as public-private partnerships. These projects not only create jobs and stimulate the economy but also contribute to the long-term development and prosperity of the state.
Business Services: Business services refer to a wide range of professional services and support offered to businesses to help them operate efficiently, grow, and achieve their objectives. These services are typically provided by specialized companies, consultants, or professionals. In Connecticut (CT), you can find a wide range of business services to support various industries and business needs.

How to Apply

To get started, you will need to complete 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the Career ConneCT portal and complete the intake form
  2. Complete a brief skills assessment
  3. Work with your assigned Career ConneCT coach to enroll in a training program that is right for you

If eligible, all training programs are at no cost and provide supportive services such as rental assistance, childcare, transportation, and technology. See Eligibility Information, FAQ's or additional training paths through CT State Community Colleges.

Meet the Team


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Career ConneCT Navigator

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